Metal prices rising

We were just hit pretty hard with a sudden jump in materials cost. This is from one of our suppliers:
I apologize for the price increase, we had to raise prices on our aluminum, brass, copper, and stainless products as our raw material costs increased 40% since October. We’ve absorbed as much as we can, but a new “anti-dumping” policy from the Department of Commerce dramatically increased the price of imported metals:

This may put us out of business. We are going to have to immediately raise the price of Brass Champs to $19,49 retail and Steel Chargers to $14.79. After discounts to distributors, we make less than one dollar per unit. We’ll phase in the other products, only raising the prices when we purchase more material. 
We are going to experiment with stainless and aluminum. The strange market conditions have brought those previously expensive metals more in line with the retail pricing we need to hit.