Assembly Happening

First Aluminum Run

We are experimenting with new materials. A lot of people wanted a lightweight option. The new aluminum Charger is less than a third of the weight of steel and brass. We considered that this may actually be too light, but you can always add weight. Now, you can hit the weight rule of some organizations … Continue reading First Aluminum Run

Expensive Times

We have always tried to offer economical products, while keeping our materials and production in the USA. We could drastically reduce our costs by having our products made overseas. We are not going to do that. Between a new federal rule that has impacted the prices of metals (especially brass) and drastically increased fuel costs … Continue reading Expensive Times

Lighter is Faster

First aluminum prototypes are in testing. One races in a week, and the other is being sent out for other testing. If they don’t fold up like wet tortillas, these should be interesting at 1/3 the weight of a steel or brass Charger.

Metal prices rising

Hello:We were just hit pretty hard with a sudden jump in materials cost. This is from one of our suppliers:“I apologize for the price increase, we had to raise prices on our aluminum, brass, copper, and stainless products as our raw material costs increased 40% since October. We’ve absorbed as much as we can, but … Continue reading Metal prices rising

How adjustable is it?

The Charger, Champ, and Cruiser are two piece chassis assemblies. There are 4 holes in the chassis main section, and 4 holes in the front axle carrier. By lining these up differently, you can get several wheelbases out of these chassis. The 3″, 3.25″, and 3.5″ are the easiest. You still have 4 screws holding … Continue reading How adjustable is it?

100 per hour

We had a pretty good production test. The chassis go through several stages of production if there are no issues: Laser Cutting Nose Sections Main Sections Axle Carrier Body Tab Motor Mount They become complete chassis components once the motor motor mounts are bent. We had two departments running at once, assembling as they came … Continue reading 100 per hour

Tear Down

We were getting very heavy tool marks on the chassis on our first run. We determined it was an issue with the frame and tool alignment on our machine. So, we literally cut the bottom deck off. The tool mounting rails have been mounted on a movable plate that allows us to align the punch … Continue reading Tear Down

That’s a lotta holes

I spent hours at the drill press because I made a mistake. We uploaded the wrong file for laser cutting, so all the rear axle holes were for a 3/16″ oilite, not a 1/4 oilite. So, several bits and many hours later, 500 chassis are now correct. Growing pains. Having said that, things are going … Continue reading That’s a lotta holes


We will try to keep this updated as we change processes and alter products. We’ll also be adding new items to our lineup this year. LVJ has been through some changes over the past year. We have built our machinery to produce the chassis and this was quite a learning curve for us Why do … Continue reading Welcome

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